In 2000, the Yelken Printing Solutions was established at a time when the industry has met with the latest technology. Since then, Yelken Printing Solutions further developed, specialized and progressed at every step. Our ISO9001 quality certified company, with technical equipment and specialized staff, has successfully passed all kinds of quality and social control from independent quality control tests. So far, Yelken Printing Solutions has proved its quality and success not only in Turkey but also worldwide, with exports to Germany, Norway, Switzerland, and France.

Yelken Printing Solutions, as a leading company with its human resources and quality, still growing with the technology and the structure of blending creativity, bringing a difference in the technical process in Turkey and around the world, continues to relieve the spirit of each service its own.

How much do you know about the technologies and materials that will support your creativity?
Computer aided make-ready, CTP mold technology, cromolyn proof, blueprint, dummy
50x70 cm 2 colors
50x70 cm trichromatic
70x100 cm 5 colors + varnish, UV Coating
Saddle/side, perfect bound, local varnish, hot cellophane, gold foil, embossing, crop, wire O
Success, pride, efficiency...