The quality and the quantity of the printed material constitute the foundation of a successful outcome. The details of the printing process foreseen during the design process help support the concept that will strengthen the underlying idea. Similarly, the savings in terms of budget will enhance the effectiveness of the outcome.

At Yelken Printing Solutions, we are ready to work with you in developing different options for the implementation processes of your needs, or developing innovative and distinctive solutions for the idea you are working on.

Similarly, we would be glad to cooperate in pricing before and after printing, offering different options according to your budget.
How much do you know about the technologies and materials that will support your creativity?
Computer aided make-ready, CTP mold technology, cromolyn proof, blueprint, dummy
50x70 cm 2 colors
50x70 cm trichromatic
70x100 cm 5 colors + varnish, UV Coating
Saddle/side, perfect bound, local varnish, hot cellophane, gold foil, embossing, crop, wire O
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