Sometimes the finishing process is as important as the printing process in terms of optimizing the budget, extending the durability of the produced items or extending the aesthetical details.

In a periodical project, for instance, a saddle stitch binding machine would provide an advantage to speed and cost, side stich binding would give you differentiated items. But more importantly, an expert staff specialized in those processes will help you get the best results.
How much do you know about the technologies and materials that will support your creativity?
Computer aided make-ready, CTP mold technology, cromolyn proof, blueprint, dummy
50x70 cm 2 colors
50x70 cm trichromatic
70x100 cm 5 colors + varnish, UV Coating
Saddle/side, perfect bound, local varnish, hot cellophane, gold foil, embossing, crop, wire O
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